Installation is easy!


  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Make sure Java 1.4+ is in your PATH. You can check this by typing java -version at the command prompt.
  3. Optional - Set the RDQLPLUS_HOME environment variable to the directory where you unpacked the zip file. Then add the RDQLPLUS_HOME directory to your PATH.
  4. Unix Only - Make sure the rdqlplus shell script in the install directory is executable. One way to do this is chmod 755 rdqlplus.

Start RDQLPlus

If you have NOT defined the RDQLPLUS_HOME environment variable, first change to the directory where you installed.
Type rdqlplus at the command prompt.
Note: You may be prompted for the location of the "dot" executable the first time you run RDQLPlus.
Next, check out the tutorial.
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